Summer Camp in Swiss 2016

After Eid Al-Fitr

the Swiss experience

Living the Swiss experience

April, 2016 Summer Camp

What is the Swiss experience? In the midst of an awe-inspiring, breath- taking background where nature rules and locals offer you a warm welcome, Switzerland invites you to spend the most fabulous of summers. Make friends with wonderful girls and boys from around the world. Practice your favourite sports or discover new acti- vities. Attend dynamic and quality courses where you will benefit from the legendary Swiss school system.

This is the Swiss experience!

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What is
the Swiss experience?

What is the Swiss experience?

April, 2016 Summer Camp

All this in a peaceful, quiet and safe setting where you will have nothing to worry about but your own fun.

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a breathtaking scenery

Exploring a breathtaking scenery

April, 2016 Champéry

The little, typically Swiss village of Champéry is situated right at the foot of majestuous mountains in the Alps, where the air is pure and the beauties are plenty. Important infrastructures such as swimming pools, a year-long ice stadium, a cable railway or mountain bike trails make of this idyllic place a haven for sports lovers.

will fill their need


April, 2016 Activities

For some people such as our students’ parents, summer time is the opportunity to entrust us with their child during a part of the long summer, knowing that they will be well taken care of and that the range of available activities will fill their need to move and let off steam.

lifetime friends

Making lifetime friends

April, 2016 Making lifetime friends

The ENSR summer camps host each year some 40 young people from various countries around the world. This cosmo­ politan, friendly background and the limited number of participants, in constant inter­ action with the staff, create a homely atmosphere and a family feeling. The best way to make lifetime friends and enjoy amazing activities.

new things every day

Learning new things every day

April, 2016 Learning

French and English courses given by ENSR during summer camps are among the best you could find in Europe. Famous for its Swiss quality school sys­ tem, ENSR also benefits from more than 60 year of expe­ rience in organising summer camps. Courses are given in small groups of 4 to 7 students every morning.

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a total safety

Enjoying a total safety

April, 2016 safety

You could not find a safer, more peaceful place in the world than the Swiss mountains. Champéry being a small village where everyone knows each other, the young participants will be welcomed in a safe and warm environment by locals and members of the staff who are well­known, experienced and recognised instructors and teachers.

Going home
with fantastic memories

Going home with fantastic memories

April, 2016 fantastic memories

No other place than Switzerland can guarantee the promise of coming back home with your suitcase full of wonderful memo- ries. With its rich activities, its beautiful setting and its capacity to make quality friends, the ENSR summer camp goes even one step beyond that promise!